1: OJ Simpson's Controversial Book "If I Did It" details a hypothetical scenario of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

2: The book's release was canceled in 2006 due to public outcry over its insensitive nature and perceived confession by Simpson.

3: After a legal battle, the book was eventually released in 2007 with the word "If" on the cover significantly enlarged.

4: The book's publisher, HarperCollins, claimed the book was intended as a cautionary tale rather than a confession.

5: The Goldman family was awarded the rights to the book's profits as part of the settlement of a wrongful death lawsuit against Simpson.

6: "If I Did It" stirred controversy for its perceived attempt to profit off the murders and exploit the victims' families.

7: Despite the controversy, the book was a commercial success and generated significant media attention.

8: The book's release sparked debates about ethics in publishing and the boundaries of free speech.

9: "If I Did It" remains a controversial piece of OJ Simpson's legacy, igniting discussions about crime, punishment, and accountability.