1: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max camera shootout.

2: Samsung's triple camera setup competes with iPhone's quad camera system.

3: Galaxy Z Fold 5 boasts 108 MP main camera while iPhone 14 Pro Max features 12 MP sensor.

4: iPhone captures natural colors and crisp details, but Samsung excels in low light performance.

5: Both devices offer advanced software features for editing and enhancing photos.

6: Samsung's Z Fold 5 is ideal for wide-angle shots, while iPhone is great for portrait mode.

7: Samsung's camera offers better dynamic range, while iPhone's videos are smoother.

8: Overall, Samsung Z Fold 5 excels in versatility, while iPhone 14 Pro Max wins with consistency.

9: Ultimately, the winner of the camera shootout depends on individual preferences and shooting styles.