1: JK Rowling criticizes Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson for their support of trans rights. Rowling believes they should save their apologies.

2: Radcliffe and Watson face backlash from Rowling for their stance on trans issues. Rowling stands firm in her beliefs against trans rights.

3: Rowling's criticism of Radcliffe and Watson sparks controversy. Fans of the actors are divided on the issue of trans rights.

4: Radcliffe and Watson respond to Rowling's comments on trans rights. The Harry Potter stars navigate the fallout from Rowling's statements.

5: Rowling continues to speak out against Radcliffe and Watson's support of trans rights. The Harry Potter author remains unapologetic in her stance.

6: Radcliffe and Watson address the backlash from Rowling's comments. The actors defend their belief in the importance of trans rights.

7: Rowling's feud with Radcliffe and Watson over trans rights intensifies. The Harry Potter stars face criticism for their opposing views.

8: Radcliffe and Watson stand by their support of trans rights despite Rowling's objections. The actors advocate for inclusivity and acceptance.

9: In the ongoing debate over trans rights, Rowling, Radcliffe, and Watson each hold firm in their beliefs. The controversy shines a light on the importance of LGBTQ+ rights advocacy.