1: Introduction Discover the best camera features of Google Pixel, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7 in this comparison.

2: Google Pixel Google Pixel's camera boasts crisp image quality and top-notch low-light performance.

3: Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 impresses with its dual pixel technology for fast autofocus and vibrant colors.

4: iPhone 7 iPhone 7 offers excellent color accuracy and natural-looking photos with its advanced camera.

5: Low-light Performance Google Pixel excels in low-light conditions, capturing clear and detailed photos.

6: Autofocus Speed Galaxy S7's dual pixel technology ensures quick and accurate autofocus for sharp photos.

7: Color Accuracy iPhone 7 delivers true-to-life colors with its advanced color calibration technology.

8: Video Quality Compare video quality on Google Pixel, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7 for stunning footage.

9: Conclusion In conclusion, Google Pixel, Galaxy S7, and iPhone 7 each offer unique camera features for impressive photography and videography.