1: Chip Gaines, one-half of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" duo, laughed off a Twitter troll questioning his fame.

2: The troll asked, "Who even is Chip Gaines?" and Gaines responded with humor and grace.

3: Gaines quipped back, "I'm famous in your mom's house, at least that's what she told me 😂"

4: The witty response quickly went viral, showing Chip's ability to shrug off negativity.

5: This isn't the first time Chip Gaines has shown his sense of humor on social media.

6: Fans applauded Chip for his lighthearted response, proving his popularity and likability.

7: Chip Gaines' quick wit and charm are just a few qualities that make him a beloved public figure.

8: In a world full of negativity, Chip's ability to turn criticism into humor is refreshing.

9: Ultimately, Chip Gaines' response to the Twitter troll showcases his down-to-earth personality and positivity.