1: Emma Watson's captivating portrayal of Hermione Granger could inspire a spinoff for ABC.

2: The sharp wit and charm of Rachel Green from Friends could lead to a new show on ABC.

3: Don Draper's enigmatic character from Mad Men could spark a spinoff on ABC.

4: Olivia Pope's strength and intelligence on Scandal could inspire a new series for ABC.

5: Sheldon Cooper's quirky personality from The Big Bang Theory might lead to a spinoff on ABC.

6: Mindy Lahiri's humor and confidence from The Mindy Project could inspire a new show on ABC.

7: Walter White's transformation on Breaking Bad could spark a spinoff for ABC.

8: Selina Meyer's political antics on Veep might lead to a new series on ABC.

9: Lorelai Gilmore's wit and charm from Gilmore Girls could inspire a spinoff for ABC.