1: Aries - Independent and headstrong, Aries may cut ties after a breakup.

2: Scorpio - Intense and unforgiving, Scorpios may hold grudges post-breakup.

3: Capricorn - Practical and stoic, Capricorns may distance themselves after a breakup.

4: Gemini - Fickle and adaptable, Geminis may move on quickly post-breakup.

5: Virgo - Analytical and critical, Virgos may find it hard to remain friends after a breakup.

6: Leo - Proud and confident, Leos may struggle to maintain a friendship post-breakup.

7: Aquarius - Eccentric and detached, Aquarians may prefer to move on after a breakup.

8: Taurus - Stubborn and fixed in their ways, Taureans may struggle to stay friends post-breakup.

9: Sagittarius - Independent and freedom-loving, Sagittarians may choose to go their separate ways after a breakup.