KCR Policies and Procedures


Kanab City Recreation reserves the right to make changes to this document as necessary. 

Mission StatementKanab City Recreation is committed to health and wellness opportunities by providing programs, events and facilities that improve the quality of life for citizens of all ages.

 Liability Statement – Kanab City Recreation assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or loss that any team member or spectator may incur as a result of Kanab City sponsored programs. Individuals are encouraged to have their own personal health/accident plan for any such injuries that occur. Players may be held responsible for unnecessary damage that may occur as a result of misconduct at a facility.


·         To offer programs for both youth and adults that fulfill the recreation needs and wants as a service to the community.

·         To offer an equal amount of participation opportunities to both males and females regardless of race, national origin, creed, religion, disability or socio-economic status, or any other legally protected class.

·         To have the best possible people volunteer as coaches and to thoroughly train them to do the best that they can.

·         To expect that good sportsmanship and fair play are standard behaviors.

·         To ensure that participation in Kanab City Recreation programs is a worthwhile and positive life experience.

  1. Youth Program Policies and Procedures


o   Registration is managed by Kanab City Recreation staff and all applicable fees are paid to Kanab City.

o   Kanab City Recreation coordinates scheduling of practices and games/meets and the facility where it is held.

o   Kanab City Recreation provides uniforms, equipment and other necessary items for each youth program. All equipment is property of Kanab City Recreation and must be returned at the end of the program. This excludes uniforms which are provided at the expense of the participant at registration.

o   Kanab City Recreation will provide game balls and all necessary field equipment.

o   Program dates and time are set by Kanab City Recreation staff in order to maximize participation and facility usage.

o   Registration deadlines are designed to encourage early registration. Kanab City Recreation offers discounted fees leading up to the close of registration.

o   Kanab City staff will review all program costs and set fees prior to registration. Program fees are based on the following guidelines:

  •   Equipment needed (uniforms)
  •   Facility rental fees (if applicable)
  •   Referee/umpire/official fees

o   Kanab City Rec volunteers and participants are covered under the City’s general liability insurance as long as they are performing their duties in the interest of the City.


Policy for Volunteer Coaches –

o   Background checks are mandatory for all coaches, instructors, league directors, umpires, referees and any individual volunteering for any youth program. All volunteers will be required to sign a written consent form allowing Kanab City Recreation to order an individual criminal background check prior to the beginning of the sport, season or activity in which they intend to become involved. Background checks are valid for one year.  

o   No individual shall be permitted to volunteer for Kanab City Recreation if the results of the background check show that the person has ever been convicted of or has a charge pending against them in which it is alleged that they have committed a crime that falls under one of the following categories:

o   All Sex Offenses – child molestation, sexual assault, rape, sexual battery, indecent exposure, child exploitation, etc.

o   All Violent Offenses – murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, an offense involving a weapon, etc.

o   All other offenses will be reviewed by Kanab City Staff and Management. A decision as to whether or not the individual is permitted to volunteer will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be determined by what is in the best interest of all participants, parents, all other program volunteers and Kanab City staff.

o   Coaches will agree to attend training on concussion recognition and concussion protocol as well as an annual sportsmanship training. Any league rule changes or changes to the program from the previous year will be discussed during the training.

o   To maintain fair and consistent programs, Kanab City Recreation staff and their immediate family members are not allowed to volunteer as a coach, assistant coach and/or official. 

Youth Sports Teams Selection – All youth sports teams are selected through a draft process.

o   All participants must attend a skills assessment (this date will be set prior to registration). If a participant is unable to attend the skills assessment, the participant will be placed on a team that needs more players.

o   All head coaches must be present at skills assessment to rate all participants.

  Self-rating scale for Kanab City Rec Youth Programs

·         (1) Least Skilled, never played

·         (2) Below Average, very little experience

·         (3) Average

·         (4) Above average

·         (5) Very Skilled, played on a traveling team

o   Immediately after the assessment is finished the coaches will meet together to determine teams based on each player’s rating using the scale above. The desired outcome is for team in each league to have an equal number of players according to talent, skill, and experience.

o   The draft order is determined by a random draw among the coaches before the draft begins. A Kanab City Rec Staff Member must be present to facilitate the random draw, selection order among the coaches and to record the selections made by each coach.

o   The coach’s selection order is in the “snake” format. This means 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.

o   Each coach will select the same number of players according to his/her ratings. For example, each team will have the same number of 5’s, 4’s, 3’s, 2’s and 1’s.

o   Trades are not allowed unless there is a legitimate concern for the player’s physical, emotional or mental well-being. The parent(s) of the player and a member of Kanab City Rec Staff must both approve the trade of the player and all coaches must be in agreeance with the trade.

o   If a trade is made between teams, the players must have been rated at the same level during the coach’s team selection meeting.

2. Refund, Cancellation & Forfeit Policy for Adult & Youth Programs

Program Refund Policy – Kanab City staff will administer program refunds that are fair and consistent with the policies of Kanab City Recreation and do not jeopardize the financial well-being of the program. If a program is canceled, the participant is entitled to a full refund. Refunds to those who choose to drop a program will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In order to cancel and receive a refund you must personally contact the Kanab City Recreation Department by the end of the first week the program takes place. Refunds will be issued as a credit to your Civic Rec account to be used for future program registrations. Refunds can be made 

in the form of a check or directly back to the credit/debit card that was used for registration upon special request. No cash refunds will be issued.

Calling a game/meet – If inclement weather arrives after a game has begun, the following is the procedure:

o   A Kanab City Rec staff member will call the game due to weather. If the game does not have a staff member present, it will be the officials’ call.

o   Games will be called for the following:

·          Heavy rain that inhibits the ability to play

·         Lightening

·          Dangerous field conditions (i.e. too wet)

·         Any other issue that may arise

o   If a weather issue arises during play, a Kanab City staff member or official may do the following:

·         Postpone the game for 15-30 minutes to wait for the weather to pass

·        Cancel the game, if weather does not show sign of letting up or field has become dangerous to play on

o   If a staff member or official is not on site for the game, players are encouraged to keep their safety in mind.

o   Games are considered complete if:

·         Baseball/Softball – 4 1/2 innings if home team is ahead

·         Soccer- reaches 3rd quarter

·         Basketball – 3rd quarter

·         Tackle/Flag Football – reaches 3rd quarter

·         Volleyball – reaches 3rd match

Cancellation Policy – If a game is canceled due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, all efforts will be made to reschedule that game. However, due to time restraints and/or field/court usage conflicts, some games may not be rescheduled. It will be the decision of Kanab city Recreation and team captains of the programs to decide if and when the games will be made up.

The safety of participants, officials, coaches and spectators is the primary concern in cases of inclement weather. Once a game has started, the game official(s) will have the responsibility to remove the players from the field if weather conditions become unsafe.

Forfeiture of Games – If a team will not be able to compete, they are required to notify both Kanab City Recreation and the opposing team by 5:00 pm the day before their scheduled game. If a team is charged with a forfeit, the opposing team will receive a win in the standings. Team captains may request the rescheduling of a forfeit based on extenuating circumstances through Kanab City Recreation staff.

3. Adult Program Policies and Procedures


o   Registration is managed by Kanab City Recreation staff and all applicable fees are paid to Kanab City.

o   Kanab City Rec volunteers and participants are covered under the City’s general liability insurance as long as they are performing their duties in the interest of the City.

o   Kanab City Recreation coordinates scheduling of games/meets and the facility where it is held.

o   Participants of adult programs are required to provide their own uniforms.

o   Kanab City Recreation will provide game balls and all necessary field equipment.

o   Program dates and time are set by Kanab City Recreation staff in order to maximize participation and facility usage.

o   Registration deadlines are designed to encourage early registration. Kanab City Recreation offers discounted fees leading up to the close of registration.

o   Kanab City staff will review all program costs and set fees prior to registration. Program fees are based on the following guidelines:

§  Equipment needed

§  Facility rental fees (if applicable)

§  Referee/umpire/official fees

Eligibility Requirements –

o   No player competing for a high school, junior college, college or university team will be eligible to participate in the Kanab City Recreation Adult Sports Leagues while in season.

o   Players must be 18 years of age, or 15 years of age with written parent consent, as of the start of league play to be eligible.

o   If a player is ruled ineligible, all games in which he/she participated will be forfeited and the player suspended for the remainder of the season.

o   There may be additional rules and requirements regarding eligibility, roster changes and roster additions. Such rules will be made available to all team captains prior to the beginning of the program.

4. Code of Conduct Policy for Adult & Youth Programs

Kanab City Recreational activities are made available to youth and adults to enjoy fun and wholesome recreational programming that teaches character and sportsmanship. Kanab City Recreation supports the belief that all recreational programming and experiences should be positive and safe with sportsmanship and enjoyment the primary goal.

 Expectations of Coaches/Spectators/Players

o   Treat all parties involved with dignity and respect.

o   Use appropriate language, tones and volume when communicating. When in doubt, remain silent.

o   Recognize/acknowledge Kanab City Recreational programming as a privilege that can be rescinded for violation of this Code of Conduct Policy.

 Violations of Coaches/Spectators/Players

There will be zero tolerance towards any inappropriate or abusive behavior from coaches, spectators, or players towards game officials.

 The following behavior is prohibited at all Kanab City Recreation games or events:

o   Persistent or willfully questioning or challenging the rulings of the officials

o   Berating or abusing officials

o   Displaying conduct which is inappropriate in a youth or adult recreation environment 

Any individual(s) in violation of the Code of Conduct Policy for Adult & Youth Programs should expect to be removed from the game or event in question and be required to leave the facility. This ejection may be issued without warning by the officials, site supervisor or any official representing Kanab City.

Kanab City Recreation officials will offer to escort the offending individual(s) from the facility. If the offending individual(s) refuses to leave the premises, local authorities will be contacted to enforce the ruling.


Coaches: A coach ejected from one game will automatically be suspended from the next game; a second ejection during the season will result in automatic suspension for the remainder of the season, subject to the coach’s right to an Appeal; serious misconduct could result in additional discipline.

 Athletes: An ejection for “fighting” will result in an automatic suspension of an athlete from their next game, and possible further discipline. A second ejection for “fighting” during one season will result in a suspension for the rest of the season.

Spectators: Ejection from a game for misbehavior will result in suspension from attending any other games that day; a second ejection from a game will result in suspension for the rest of the season.

Any physical contact with a game official, coach, recreation representative, or opposing players, or parents of opposing players will cause law enforcement to be brought in for possible criminal prosecution, and possibly being permanently banned from attending games.

5. Photo and Video Policy for Adult & Youth Programs

Kanab City Recreation may photograph or videotape participants, special event attendees and users of facilities of all ages for publication, social media outlets or other marketing material as deemed necessary. Unless informed otherwise at the time of registration for a program or event, the City presumes that consent to be photographed or videotaped has been given. Such photographs and videos may be used by Kanab City without an obligation to provide compensation to those photographed or videotaped.

6. Recreation Equipment Policy

All recreation equipment is property of Kanab City. Registered volunteers are authorized to use equipment if the purpose is for Kanab City Recreation programming. Personal use of any Kanab City Recreation equipment is strictly prohibited.

Registration fees for Kanab City Recreation programs help cover the cost of equipment. It is the responsibility of Kanab City staff and volunteers to maintain equipment. An inventory list must be kept by Kanab City Recreation staff of all equipment.

Policy & Procedure for Concussion & Head Injuries 

It is the intent of Kanab City Recreation to provide conscientious and safe athletic programs and events. In compliance with state law, Kanab City has adopted and shall implement certain policies and procedures requiring adherence by all coaches, volunteers, parents, legal guardians, participants and staff members of Kanab City. Prior to participating in any program or activity, each participant, or the parent or guardian of a participant, shall sign an acknowledgement that they have received a copy of this policy and procedure prior to participation in the program.


A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head or by a hit to the body that causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth. The sudden movement can cause the brain to bounce around or twist in the skull, creating chemical changes in the brain and sometimes stretching and damaging brain cells.

Symptoms and signs of concussions may show up right after the injury or can take hours or days to fully appear. If a participant reports any symptoms of concussion, or any person notices the symptoms or signs of concussion, medical attention must be sought right away.

A concussion can have a serious effect on a young, developing brain. While most children and teens with a concussion recover quickly and fully, some will have concussion symptoms that last for days, weeks, or even months. Not giving the brain enough time to heal after a concussion can be dangerous. A repeat concussion that occurs before the brain heals from the first, usually within a short amount of time (hours, days, weeks), can slow recovery or increase the chances for long-term health problems. These may include changes in how the child or teen thinks, feels, and acts, as well as their ability to learn or remember.

While rare, a repeat concussion can result in brain swelling or permanent brain damage. It can even be fatal.


1.      Remove from play – if the concussion happens while playing sports, you should also keep the child out of play the day of the injury and until a Health Care Provider, experienced in evaluating for concussion, says he or she is symptom-free and it’s okay to return to play.

Children who return to play too soon—while the brain is still healing—risk a greater chance of having a repeat concussion. Repeat or later concussions can be very serious. They can cause permanent brain damage, affecting your child for a lifetime.

2.      Seek Medical Care Most children who have a concussion are treated in the emergency department or a medical office and get to go home. Through telemedicine or telehealth services, patients may get checked for concussion symptoms and get recovery tips without needing to travel to a medical office or hospital. Patients experiencing concussion danger signs should seek care right away at an emergency department. When the injury is more serious, your child may need to stay in the hospital overnight.

Your child’s Health Care Provider may do a scan of his or her brain (such as a CT scan) to look for signs of a more serious brain injury. Other tests such as “neuropsychological” or “neurocognitive” tests may also be performed. These tests help assess your child’s learning and memory skills, the ability to pay attention or concentrate, and how quickly he or she can think and solve problems. These tests can help the child’s Health Care Provider identify the effects of the concussion.

RETURN TO PLAY POLICY If Kanab City Recreation staff members, coaches, volunteers, parents or legal guardians suspects an athlete of sustaining a concussion or traumatic head injury while participating in a sporting activity; the athlete should be removed immediately. Upon removal of an athlete suspected of sustaining concussion or a traumatic head injury, a written medical clearance from a qualified Healthcare Provider is required before the athlete can return to participate in any program or sporting activity.

The written report shall contain the following information:

a.      The cause of the head injury and with what force

b.      Any loss of consciousness and for how long

c.       Any memory loss immediately after the injury

d.      Any seizures immediately after the injury

e.      Any other pertinent information you may think will help the Health Care Provider

Before returning to play an athlete should:

a.      Be back to doing their regular school activities.

b.      Not have any symptoms from the injury when doing normal activities.

c.       Have the green-light from their Health Care Provider to begin the return to play process.

 After reading Kanab City Recreation’s Concussion and Head Injury Policy I understand what a concussion is, have been informed on how to recognize the signs and symptoms and agree to abide by the policy. I understand if any participant is suspected of having a concussion, he/she will be removed from the activity and will not be permitted to continue participating in any upcoming sporting activities until a qualified Health Care Professional has determined it to be safe. I will provide Kanab City Recreation with a written statement by a qualified Health Care Professional acknowledging that the participant is cleared to resume participation.

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